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Tip 2

How to use Self-adhesive Edging Tape  

  Use an edge band iron or a household iron with moderate heat and pass over the veneer tape.  Too much heat will make the veneer slip around and also cause problems with the bonding chemistry.  Rather than turning your heat down, work quicker with a hot iron, never staying in one position long enough to overdo it.  Use a smooth hardwood block to press on top of the edge rather than using your hands.  Wait at least 20 seconds for the glue to dry and then proceed to the trimming.  We recommend the use of an edge trimmer because it really does work great!   For straight edges, trim the excess tape with an edge trimmer.  On rounded edges/corners use a utility knife with a sharp blade.  If you don't have an edge trimmer, you can use a hand plane.  Alternately, you can use a very hard block and sandpaper to trim down the edges, by sanding at an angle to the edge where the veneer overlaps.  You have to sand very carefully because sometimes you can get splintering when sanding off an end overlap.


Below is a list of veneering tools:

Double Edge TrimmerDouble Edge Trimmer

Edgebanding IronEdge banding Iron

Edge BanderEdge Bander




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