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Style/Rail Cut Optimization ~ Woodworking Resources

Tip 1

Stile and Rail Cut Optimization on a Router

 Making the stile and rail on a router can be tricky specially when working with thinner material. Let say you want to built a flat panel door that measures 16" by 32" and the stile and rail measures 1 1/2" in width.  Logically, you would cut two pieces that measure 1 1/2" by 32" and two pieces that measure at least 1 1/2" by 16 1/2".  Once those pieces are cut you may use a router mounted on a table with stile and rail bit set to do the profile.

Now, lets say we want to optimize accuracy and save time without increasing accident risk, we could do the following steps:

 Step 1:    

Cut one piece measuring 3 1/8" by 16 1/2".

Cut one piece measuring 3 1/8" by 32".


Step 2:

Since the pieces are wider they are easier to handle and it is safer to rout the profile on the router table.

Rout the stile on both sides of each piece.

Rout the rail on both sides of each piece.



Once all profiles have been completed, just rip the two pieces in the center and you will have the four parts required to make the door!  



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