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Article 5

Making Drawers Box the Easy Way

Often we need to build drawers when making furniture.  This article will described how to build a simple drawer unit that can be used in a variety of furniture applications. The drawer technique being describe is simple construction but useful for all home made furniture and projects that need a drawer. 

This drawer design may be use with roller guides (blum) mounted on the sides that can be purchased from a Home Center or hardware store. The drawer guides are sold in different lengths to fit different length drawers. Depending on the roller glide use the width of the drawer box will have to accommodate the glide thickness in the drawer bank.  

Determine the size of the drawer by making it 1 inch smaller in width and height than the drawer opening.  Note:  It's a good idea to make your drawer a few inches shorter than the total depth you have to work with.

If using oak or birch plywood you may want to finish the edge. See the following tip for more details: TIP 2

Step 1: Set the table saw fence to correct location and rip all the drawer parts. Make sure to orient the wood grain in the direction is the most appealing to you. This drawer was built from 3/4" oak plywood.

Step 2: Mark all the drawer part and cut all pieces with the miter gauge to the proper length.

Step 3: Set the fence at about 1/2" from the blade and cut the drawer bottom groove into each piece. For table saws not equipped with a dado blade, multiple passes will be required. 

Step 4: Cut the drawer bottom to the proper size. Allow 1/16" on each size for wood movement. For this drawer 1/4" hardboard was used. Hardboard makes a good smooth drawer bottom.

Step 5: Clamp the drawer side piece and inside piece together to stabilize. Secure the drawer with two #6 1 1/2" screws. It is always a good idea to pre-drill before.

Step 6: Clamp the other drawer side piece to the inside piece that is already attached to the other side piece. Secure the drawer side with two #6 1 1/2" screws. Once secured insert the drawer bottom in the drawer groove.

Step 7: Insert the last drawer piece in place and check for squareness.  Secure the drawer side with two #6 1 1/2" screws. You have just built a simple but solid drawer box.




Drawer Slide JIG-IT
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Drawer Slide JIG-IT

Drawer Slide JIG-IT

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Drawer Pull JIG-ITŪ Template

Drawer Pull JIG-ITŪ Template


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